Suppression & control mp3

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This purification track stimulates our self healing ability to rewrite  psycho-biological, military, and technological programmes of suppression and control. Reclaim your pineal gland, turning back your participation in and agreement to things you have no knowledge of and would not want to be a part of. Repair and re-programme affected cellular structures and neural pathways through the global nature intelligence system. Reverse the negative effects of genetic mutation, especially those leading to illnesses, and realign the source connection setting of your family line.

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Sometimes we take part in things which in hindsight, we realise we should not have done. In innocence we went ahead – but only because we were already functioning on a frequency of suppression and control.

The good news is that this wavelength is currently dying in our world societies. But we must be immune to it in the first place to truly overcome it. This means not only becoming open to the possibility of, and highly aware of, programmes with certain agendas – but that we must reverse and transmute the layers of conditioning which have altered our genetics.

Mechanisms of manipulation; false histories; societal propaganda; covert programmes of mind control; alien frequencies; medical interventions, experimentation and bioweapons; the hijacking of substances (especially plant medicines); and depopulation agendas all fall within this bracket.


Minimum donation: £7.50

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