Historical memory frequency acceleration

Minimum donation: £7.50

This purification track directly opens the personal databanks of memory within you concerning the history of this planet. Optimise the receptivity of the water within your cells to the messages of Nature. Come into direct resonance with the communication of the rivers, waterfalls and streams.

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Water carries memory. It brings us into contact with our planetary history and the shifting databank of knowledge recorded in time. The story of this Earth is not fixed. It is constantly re-written. The past is perpetually shifting in line with the acceleration of our consciousness.

The waters are carrying more vitality and more vibration. You are earthing more of your multidimensional being, through the quality of the water within your own blood. Soon you will remember more about everything which has happened here.

Can you hear the Earth speaking to you within your own being?


Minimum donation: £7.50

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