Aftercare 2: Changing your behaviours mp3

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This purification track re-positions you in the global interconnectedness of the gold frequency as a planetary citizen. Take responsibility for yourself as an intrinsic part of Nature, the environment, world society, its money systems and your local community. Change your behaviours at the global level, making your decisions and choices to change at the individual level ever more powerful and successful.

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Changing your behaviour is not just an individual self-correction after a “session.” You are a global citizen on the gold frequency, interconnected with all beings. So first and foremost, when you change, you need to be thinking about your impact on the planet; supporting less, what brings harm – especially in relation to the way you use money; and looking at the community level of your life in order to support everyone around you, including yourself. Then you will be making any personal changes within the bigger picture of your total existence and the full context of your own life. Taking responsibility is all about the collective and Nature, just as much as your individual actions and decisions.

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