A changing of the worlds mp3

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This purification track steps up the powerful physical breakthrough we must go through when we finally pull ourselves free of a redundant timeline, which is rapidly dying and imploding. Birth yourself into the new world and accelerate forward into your new human biology, evolving the upgraded cellular pathways you need to smash through the stranglehold of the old order as it threatens to take you down on its way out.

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When a new world replaces another, the old world slips beneath the waves. Suddenly our head is above water, we climb out on to the shore and we realise that we always were a land dweller. For a while though, perhaps a very long while, all that existed were the murky depths of a vast, blue, cold, watery world.

They say the waters of the seas are inside our cells – even that we emerged from water. A long time ago we were within the genetics of another species who needed water to survive. They came out the oceans to live on dry land and then they created us from themselves – and another technology we now call the body.

Now we are rebirthing ourselves out of our very own biology in concert with the Earth. We are the progenitors and the new embodied human is emerging: an upgraded version of the homo sapiens sapiens capable of transmitting incredible signals of purity. This version of the human being is in charge of dismantling the old world and restoring the natural order.


Minimum donation: £7.50

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